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Need help with your Mathematics or Principles of Accounts (POA)?
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Backed by more than 15 years of teaching experience in Secondary A Math and E Math, as well as Principles of Accounts (POA), I'm here to guide you to improve in these subjects.

Classes are designed to help with optimal learning. They are small, usually with a maximum of 4 students. The classes can be really fun and enjoyable with the right mix of students. I believe in enjoying our life journey, be it studying or working. Nobody says it's easy, so lets just have a good time while doing it!


Qualified Math & POA tutor with more than 15 years of experience  

Hi! My name is Lindy Wai. ​I have been a full time tutor since 2003, specialising in both A. and E. Math, as well as Principles Of Accounts (POA) for secondary levels. Prior to this, I was working as a foreign exchange dealer and analyst in the financial industry in Singapore and New York. I hold a Masters Degree in International Business.

Subjects Taught

E. Math
A. Math

Principles Of Accounts (POA)



Classes are conducted in an environment conducive for learning and usually last 1.5 hours per lesson.

To ensure maximum benefits to students, classes are usually grouped according to their subjects & levels.

Maximum class size is 4 students.

Style of Teaching

Responsible and committed

Clear & concise explanation of concepts and techniques

Happy to repeat & guide slower students along

Have a sense of humour

Know when a student needs to be pushed to work harder

Most importantly, the ability to highlight possible style of questions in exam papers

Additional Benefits

More classes are conducted during examination periods.

Sometimes, slower students are given extra lessons if there are suitable classes available.

What Our Students & Parents Say

When I joined Ms Wai's class, I had a D7 in my POA. Her teaching made me understand the POA concepts and eventually I had an A2 in my POA for 'O' Level exam. ~2020

I have been with Ms Wai for more than a year and have been consistently improving on my A. Math, E. Math and POA as the homework she gave me is effective in allowing me to do well. She is also a really caring and helpful teacher. ~2019

Ms Wai is a tutor with an array of methods to teach her students. She has been very patient with me through out my 2 years of A Math tuition classes with her. With her guidance and handy tips, I was able to solve questions in a breeze. Notes and worksheets given out during tuition classes have benefited me a lot and have allowed me to understand topics better. ~2018

Ms Wai is one of the best tutors I had. Her way of teaching really helped me in tackling difficult math problems and the way she taught helped me tackle them on my own. She doesn't give up on her students and is articulate when she teaches. ~2018

I used to be very weak in math and failed my tests. Ms Wai helped me understand and build up my foundation in mathematics. She is a very patient and caring teacher. She is willing to explain the same questions over and over until we can fully understand the question. My math results improved significantly after my tuition. I am very grateful to her and i definitely recommend her as a tutor! ~2017

I have joined Ms Wai's POA for about a year now and have scored distinctions for my school examinations, even though I am a private candidate and do not participate in school lessons. Ms Wai is a strict and caring teacher. She makes sure that her students understand everything she teaches. ~2017

POA was a subject that I was struggling with, thus I joined the iProgress tuition. Ms Wai is a dedicated teacher who will break down concepts for her students and find different methods for her students to understand better. Not only that, she is a funny teacher who will liven up the classroom atmosphere. With Ms Wai's guidance, I managed to improve from E8 in my mid year exam to B3 in O level. Thank you, Ms Wai! ~2016

Miss Wai is the epitome of a competent yet reliable teacher. She's one of the most capable teachers I've ever known. Due to the changes in syllabus for Principal Of Accounts, students have difficulties in comprehending the syllabus as even some ordinary school teachers were at a loss on how to teach. However, given Miss Wai's strong foundation and experience, understanding POA was like strolling in a park. It is also evident in lessons as she would know the more imperative theory questions that would most likely appear during the national exams, and would stress on them more. In addition to that, she has an astronomical amount of patience when it comes to guiding and teaching her students. I owe my pinnacle of my study to her, and have nothing but gratitude and appreciation. ~2016

I joined Miss Wai's class for more than a year now and scored an A1 for additional mathematics in my most recent final year examinations. Miss Wai's lessons are very clear and she helped me understand many of my topics better. I use to really hate mathematics, but after her lessons, I actually begin to like that subject. She is also very friendly and approachable. ~2016

Ms Wai has helped me build up my foundation in Mathematics rapidly. Last year, my grade for Mathematics was an F9. After my mother signed me up for the tuition, my grades improved to an A2 in one of my recent exams. I owe it all to Ms Wai. Ms Wai is a strict but kind teacher. She scolds her students if they do not do homework but jokes in class and manages to make her students understand what she is teaching. ~2015

I joined Ms Wai's class in June last year in a desperate attempt to 'resurrect' my POA. When I first joined I had a tragic F9 and to top it off, the worst of the cohort in my mid year exams. However, this did not deter Ms Wai as she took up the challenge of teaching me. With constant encouragement, she drilled all concepts that I failed to grasp for the past year within only a matter of a few months into my head. Be it a miracle or not, my grade flew to a B3, not to mention the top of the class in the prelims. Finally, in the O level exam, I managed to clinch an A2 for POA, all this accomplished in slightly less than half a year. I owe this result to Ms Wai, she truly is one of the best teachers I had. ~2015

Ms Wai is a very caring and patient teacher. Besides helping me to improve my POA grade from E8 to A2 in O levels, she has also taught me many useful skills that can be applied in the near future. She's a rather responsible teacher that puts the student's interest at heart and will stop at nothing to see them succeed. I am indeed very thankful to her for the difference she has made in my life. ~2015

Ms Wai has been teaching me for almost 3-4 years now. It's been a joy ride as classes are enjoyable and productive as well. You may get reprimanded or scolded by her but there are times when laughter is filled in the room. However, you may not want to abuse it, the consequence is more homework. Being able to do my E. Math and A. Math well is hard to come by as I am a lazy person. Ms Wai's lessons will provide 'lazy' people with better practice. Distinction for A. Math never ran through my mind, but with her lessons I manage to get distinctions. You can even talk to her openly about stuff related to family, career and education, she is more than willing to have a chat if it gives you a benefit! Wonderful and amazing experience that I couldn't ask for more. ~2014

Ms Wai has taught me since last July, when I was in Sec 4 . Although I have been in her class for only about a year, it feels like it has been years. Her lessons are engaging and productive. Furthermore, she is very patient with her students . This is especially so for a kid like me who is slow and weak in Math. Before I joined Ms Wai's class, I was only scoring C5 for A. Math. However , I could only thank my lucky stars when my friends introduced me to her. Now, I'm getting distinctions for A math and am much more confident with the subject . All I could say is that throughout my journey with Ms Wai , I have never regretted one bit. A fruitful experience indeed. ~2014

I have been under Ms Wai's guidance since P4. She taught me English back then and subsequently I joined the Mathematics tuition when I was in Secondary One. My PSLE (Math) score was a grade C. I was having difficulties to catch up Secondary 1 Math as I didn't like Math. Fortunately, with Ms Wai's guidance, I managed to clear all my doubts and build my foundation of Math. With her patience and guidance throughout the 5 years, I managed to sustain an A2 for both my E Math and A Math during N level! ~2014

Ms Wai is the best tutor I have ever had. I'm not exaggerating! She made me overcome the phobia of having tuition. She is patient and friendly, unlike my previous tutor. When we have problems in our work, she would teach us patiently and steps by steps. As compared to other teachers, she NEVER give us any answers before we try out the questions. When she gave us homework, the amount is always manageable. When we have any queries with our homework, we can approach her during tuition and she will not scold us for not being able to do it. But she will when we do not make any effort to try. During tuition, our laughter filled the air. The way she teaches is funny and leaves a deep impression in my mind. I have improved from a B4 to an A1 for my E-Math! I am so grateful. In my heart, she is not only a tutor but a friend. When I have any problems regarding personal issues, she will try to help me. She is just like my second mother. I hope that she will continue to strive in this career. I will miss her so much when I graduate next year. MS WAI IS THE BEST! ~2014

I would like to express my gratitude to Ms Wai for her efforts and time in guiding and helping my child in his sec two E Math. Ms Wai is a dedicated and committed tutor who communicated with me often on my child's progress and gave invaluable advice to improve his learning and rate of absorption. She delivers effective lessons that kept him interested in the subject and provides clear and concise explanations on concepts and problem solving methods followed by substantial practices. I am confident that Ms Wai will be able to continue to motivate my child and bring out his best potential in mathematics in the coming year. Thank you once again. ~2014

Ms Wai is a very good teacher. When I first joined in Sec One, I did not know much about Algebra as I took foundation Math in primary school. However, under her guidance, I managed to improve from an F9 grade to a B3 grade. She has been very patient in helping me understand the topics. My father has also enrolled my sister, Angela, into her Sec One class this year. ~2014

Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave Jia Wei. He responded positively to your caring approach and excellent teaching skills and as a result was able to achieve a "A1" grade for his POA. I would highly recommend Miss Wai as a tutor. ~2013

The guidance and coaching from Ms Wai is something that you cannot find in other tuition classes. She's the kind of teacher who is strict and also cares about the progress of her students. Something I like about her classes is that she will constantly drill us on some of the important methods just to make sure we keep those methods in mind! I find this to be very useful! Under her guidance, I scored a B3 for my POA 'N' Level. When I joined her class, I only had a very poor result of 32.5%. I would definitely introduce Ms Wai to my friends and also relatives due to a big improvement in my result! ~2013

Ms Wai is a very good teacher. When I first joined her classes in Secondary 2, the standard of my mathematics was simply horrible. However through her guidance, I managed to achieve an A2 for the End-Of-Year examinations. Unlike most tuition teachers, Ms Wai hardly gives useless pieces of worksheets that contain only easy questions. She enjoys giving challenging worksheets, which I find very helpful, and sometimes, difficult questions that she warns me about resurface in the examinations. The way she predicts the type of questions that will surface in the examinations has helped me a lot in my preparations, I give her a lot of credit for my improved standard of mathematics now. ~2013

Miss Wai is a very good teacher. She is strict most of the time, but sometimes she jokes around. Her method of teaching is very effective and my POA score shot up from a D7 to A2 in just a few months! I am now able to confidently answer questions in school. If I have any doubts, I will ask Miss Wai and she will instantly clarify. She is definitely an awesome teacher and I would recommend her to anyone. ~2012

Being a strict and responsible teacher, Miss Wai always ensures that we are doing our work. She constantly reminds us to take note of the important things that we learn in class and remember it so that we are well-prepared for our exam. When in doubt, she will answer our questions patiently in a coherent manner. Apart from that, she also tries to make lessons less boring by sharing jokes with us. Not only is she concerned about our results, she also makes sure that we adopt a right attitude in learning. My POA grades gradually improved from a B4 to an A1 after attending her classes. ~2012

Ms Wai is a responsible person who cares a lot about Shi Yi's studies. She will constantly drill her on her formulae and techniques, push forward lessons before her exams and also give time for her to study her other subjects. She is strict when it comes to passing up her homework on time and making sure my child does her work. This is good, as it forces Shi Yi to put in effort to practice what she has been taught. She also encourages my child to try to think of how to solve the question and guide her in her thinking process instead of spoon feeding her with answers. Ever since my child joined Ms Wai's tuition, both her E. Math and Principles Of Accounting (POA) results have improved, with her POA grades jumping from having a single digit mark to at least a B. I will definitely recommend Ms Wai to other parents. ~2012

Ms Lindy Wai has been giving Math tuition to my elder daughter, Khee Theng, since Sec 1. Ms Wai has always been a very responsible tutor who will feedback to parents constantly regarding the student's progress and behaviour during lessons. Ms Wai's constant updates with the school's syllabus and methods to problem solving also play a vital role in that the students will not be confused between tuition methods and the methods being taught in school. Ms Wai is a very strict teacher who makes sure that every week's homework is being completed. Although being strict, she would always make lessons less dull by creating jokes with her students. I am very happy that my elder daughter has shown great improvements in her Math, from a C in Sec.1 to an A1 in E-Math and A-Math in Sec 3 last year. My younger daughter who is in Sec 1 this year has also started Math lessons with Ms Wai and I am confident that her grades will improve under her tutorship. With a conducive tuition environment and a full time tutor with full devotion, I would strongly recommend Ms Wai. ~2010

Ms Wai is a responsible and effective English tutor who has taught me a lot of useful skills of answering my English exam papers. She spends a lot of effort to mark our homework and will explain to us our mistakes in order for us to improve further. Besides, she is also an interesting tutor who makes her lessons lively and enjoyable. After attending her English class, my grades improved from D7 in secondary 3 to B3 in O level examination. She is a good tutor and I really appreciate her teaching me. ~2010

A caring and responsible teacher, Ms Wai not only guides us in our academics but also have our best interests at heart. During the four years of tuition, I was able to learn all the topics ahead of my peers as well as clarify my doubts when I met with any problems. Furthermore, we were also exposed to various types of questions and text types which prepared us fully for the upcoming tests. During the English lessons, we did not only comprehensions and composition but also important fundamentals like grammar and vocabulary practices. The occasional revision helps us to refresh our memory and expand our bank of vocabulary. Comprehension from different schools also enables us to try out various question types. Frequent composition practices also made sure that we were well prepared for the examinations. Similarly, for the Math lessons we were also given sufficient practices. Lessons were conducted in a way that will facilitate both the fast and slow learners as the concepts will be taught first then followed by various examples to enable us to understand better. These examples help us have a rough idea of the methods to apply to the different questions. Furthermore, Ms Wai will also show us the different methods which can be applied. To prepare us for the O levels, Ms Wai also made arrangements for tests to be carried out as well as extra lessons if we have any problems with the topics. ~2010

Miss Wai is a patient teacher. In addition, she provides a conducive learning environment for her students. She ensures that my children maintain their standards and improve their results, by monitoring their progress in school. She also helps them clear their doubts for a particular topic, before proceeding on to the next. With her guidance, both of my children who are under her care, never fail to achieve an A1 for all their tests and examinations. ~2010

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